Lisbeth Farinella
Lisbeth Farinella

Public Speaker

Lisbeth Farinella

Lisbeth Farinella

Public Speaker

Lisbeth's story of being a 1st generation Mexican-American daughter, being a teen mom, military wife of 28 years, living overseas for 12 years, experienced a multitude of cultures and learning other languages, and being a Spanish teacher for 10 years has created a love of learning and education.

She hopes to inspire you too learn from her struggles, mistakes, and oops moment to gain knowledge, confidence, and thrive. By the time you finish meeting her, you'll walk away believing you can accomplish all of your goals!

My Passion Is Education And Empowerment

Lisbeth Farinella

Signature Talks

Financial Literacy as a Pillar of Health

Empowerment through the control of your finances. Having a solid foundation to have security and options in creating your best life.

Main Character Energy

Transforming of ideas, self talk, energy, and attire to show up every day as the main character in YOUR life. The mindset techniques to curate the life you can thrive in.

Embrace The Change

Adapting to the ideas that change is inevitable and how to leverage it to your advantage.

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My passion is education and empowerment

If designing a life you cannot wait to wake up for every day is of interest to you, I would love to help you achieve it. 

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